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About Christian Experience Weekend (CEW)


What is a Christian Experience Weekend (CEW)?

A CEW is a renewal weekend for adults, designed to enable you to more deeply experience yourself and your relationship with God and the Christian community

How is the weekend structured?

The CEW weekend is held at Seton School in Farley and begins on Friday at 7:30pm and end around 5:00pm on Sunday. In order to maximize the CEW community experience, the team conducting the weekend and the candidates spend the entire time together, in one building, sleeping on mattresses and sleeping bags. You may bring a single air mattress.

What happens on a Christian Experience Weekend?

A series of talks and activities are conducted by both religious and lay persons which enhance your awareness of God in your life and in the Christian community.

Who Should attend?

Anyone wishing to grow stronger in their faith, their personal relationship with God, and their Christian community. Anyone over the age of 18 or have graduated from high school is welcome.

Location of the retreat is at Seton School Farley, 210 Second Ave SE, Farley, IA 52046.

Dates of the CEW Women’s Retreat is January 12-14, 2024, contact Janet Stelken with any questions.  Janet’s cell number is: 563-590-4255.

Dates for the CEW Men’s Retreat is January 19-21, 2024, contact Gerald Morrison with any questions. Gerald’s number is 319-573-5702